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Friday, March 18, 2016

March Madness and Cloudy Memories

SF Austin beats WV by 16. Are you kidding me? The two head coaches bring back memories. Bluestem Classic 1990; SFA’s Brad Underwood was the coach at Dodge City CC and recruited several of my players hard. WV’s Huggins (who was at Cincinnati) comes to El Dorado to scout Herb Jones at Butler CC. (Jones becomes his starting post on his 92 final four team). It snows a foot out west so BCCC game with Dodge City is canceled. Butler Coach Smithson brings Huggins to our game to watc...h Benji West. We beat Wichita Kapun Mt. Carmel in the finals. I end up out with Smithson, Huggins and Bob Mings. I don’t know how Coach Melcher missed this excursion, I think he might have been officiating somewhere else. I will not go into the sorted details but the evening included lots of beer, a road house somewhere around Augusta, a Doberman eating chicken bones off a dirt floor, a pool table and several very big and mad roustabouts with pool cues in hand. The last I saw  "Huggy Bear" that night he was crawling into the Red Coach Inn.

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