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Friday, September 13, 2013

Critical Acclaim for Prairie Blitz

      Stew Magnuson is an award winning author from Washington DC who wrote a book review on Prairie Blitz: A Year of High School Football on America’s 50 yard line, for his blog.    
       Magnuson writes:  “David Almany, documented the meaning of football in three towns on Highway 83 in his 2011 book: Prairie Blitz: High School Football on America’s 50 Yard Line. This is the second book (that I know of) published about Highway 83, following A Whole Lot of Nothing published in Dutch by photographer Maarten Laupman and writer Rob Daniels, two men from the Netherlands.  
      Unlike Laupman, Daniels and myself, who have traveled Highway 83 in what can only be described as whirlwind tours, Almany had the opportunity to reside, at least temporarily, in these three towns and really understand what makes them tick.
      I attempted to reach Almany for an interview, but have been unsuccessful so far. But I wanted to call attention to this remarkable book ahead of the football season. I can only hope that he sees this article and gets a hold of me someday. Football fans will enjoy Prairie Blitz.”
      The complete review can be read at:  For book ordering information go to or

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