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Monday, December 31, 2012

In That Great Italian Restaurant in the Sky,The Fat Man is Smiling.

What an ass kicking by SLU tonight. New Mexico comes in ranked 20th in the nation, fresh off a victory over #8 Cincinnati. SLU up by 20 at the half, wins by 14. The Bills tied Steve Alford’s team into knots, owning every loose ball and contested rebound. The ref’s ran Alford half way through the second half. I would love to see a better defensive team in the nation than SLU. NM had 13 points in the first half. 

When Cody Ellis stepped off the plane from Australia four years ago he was a spot up jump shooter that couldn’t guard the Easter Bunny. Now, he is a defensive maniac. Somewhere tonight in that great Italian Restaurant in the sky, the Fat Man is smiling.

Happy New Year everyone!

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