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Monday, September 19, 2011

Linton, ND: The Hill

Coach Imdeike supervises a Hill workout

The record for reps on The Hill is legendary amongst current and former Lions. “About 15 years ago,” Imdeike recalls, “I had a boy who lived out on a ranch. One morning, he didn’t come to 7 am practice during the summer. He called me and said, ‘Coach, I was just too tired. I will take my punishment tomorrow.’ That was the kind of kid he was. He could have lied to me, but he didn’t. The next day, I asked him, like I often do, ‘how many do you think you should do to make it right.’ He said, ‘what is the record.” I said, ‘15’. He said, ‘then I think I should do 16.’ Just to make sure he did 17, and that was at the end of a four hour summer practice. Nobody has been crazy enough since to offer to break 17.”

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