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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Bison Fury

Bison Fury
Although not school sanctioned ("don't know those guys," one administrator told me), for the last six years the McCook Bison football team has had  a motorcycle escort for their team bus as they travel from the school to the stadium on game night.

The guy on the right seemed to be the leader, but would not give me his name - something to do with warrants or statute of limitations - something  legal, he said. The number of bikes for the escort is between 6 and 10, "depending who is in jail already by 6 on Friday," said the leader. "We never know till we get here."

They claim to be in charge of security for the officials, in a way. "If we win we protect them to get them out of town, if we lose, we are the ones who chase them out of town," the third guy on the right said.

I am sure he was just kidding. They seemed like nice boys just supporting their team. But then who in McCook does not support the Bison?

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